The PeaceJam Europe Foundation was created to coordinate, strengthen, and expand PeaceJam programming throughout Europe. The mission of the PeaceJam Europe Foundation is to create a new generation of young leaders in Europe who are committed to transforming themselves, their communities and the world, guided by the fourteen Nobel Peace Prize winners who lead the PeaceJam program worldwide. 

Visit www.PeaceJam.org  for more information.


Stichting PeaceJam Europe has been recognized by the Dutch tax authorities as an ANBI organization. Being also member of the Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) network, all donations made in Europe to PeaceJam Europe are tax deductible for your local tax authorities.

Chamber of Commerce (KvK in Dutch) no.: 70072922. And the ANBI / fiscal no.: 8581 29 036

There are no direct paid employees working for the PeaceJam Europe Foundation.

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